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August 2014
Issue 33
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BAM teamwith a group of apprentices and representatives fromMCFC and
Manchester City Council.
to date on the Manchester City
Football Academy development.
The strong partnership approach
with Manchester City Council
Regeneration’s team alongside the
local Job Centre, The Manchester
College and Skills Solutions is really
beginning to pay dividends.”
Over 1347 people have accessed
the Information Centre to date and
107 people have found work on
site as a result. Together, MCFC and
BAM have generated opportunities
for 60 apprentices and trainees,
and 47 previously unemployed
people. Five placements have been
arranged for people registered with
homeless charities to help them
get into longer-term employment
and permanent residency, and
the site team has hosted 30 work
experience placements and over
50 site visits to local students and
community groups.
To support the work of the
Information Centre, a Learning
Centre was established in
partnership with UCATT, to
help unskilled people get into
construction and up-skill the
existing workforce, providing a
long-term, positive impact on
their career beyond the project.
Information, advice and guidance
has been delivered to over 1000
operatives via an on-site Learning
Officer. The centre also provides
an environment where people
can practice their CSCS health and
safety test prior to examination.
Two hundred and twenty two
people have done this to date and
46 have gone on to obtain their
CSCS card. This means they can
now work on any construction site,
and seven are employed on the CFA
site. The Learning Centre has also
hosted a five-day SMSTS course
to 12 members of the workforce
and over 110 have signed up to
complete an OSAT/NVQ Level 2 in
their relevant trade.
At an event celebrating the success
of the centre in February 2014,
Anne Taylor, East Manchester
Regeneration Manager, said: “All of
the council’s priorities regarding
the skills and employment agenda
are happening here on this project.”
Ian Fleming, director at BAM
Construction said: “We are really
pleased with what we’ve been able
to achieve so far working together
with Manchester City, our partners
and subcontractors. We’re proud
to be providing a place where
local people can develop skills and
experience that will help to address
local unemployment, even beyond
completion of the project.”
Further highlights include the
provision of an on-site nurse
for the workforce to visit during
drop-ins at the welfare centre
and over £10,000 being raised for
local Macmillan nurses, homeless
charities and a local youth centre.
BAM has carried out a number
of community initiatives in the
local area, including extensive
time and materials spent making
improvements to a special
education needs school to make
garden facilities more accessible
to its children using wheelchairs,
launched by a Manchester City
first team player, and engaging with
British Cycling to raise awareness
about the dangers construction
vehicles pose to cyclists. A wheel
wash using recycled water has
been used on site to keep local
roads clean and the site has hosted
a safety day showcasing the latest
equipment to its supply chain to
extract dust at the source.
This work and the overall
commitment to the CCS have
resulted in the site achieving an
overall average score of 46 out of
50, receiving a Gold Award and
being named a ‘Most Considerate
Site Runner-up’ at the recent 2014
National Site Awards.
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