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August 2014
Issue 33
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Scheme’s Site Registration, click
Daily vibration and noise
monitoring was carried out, and
deconstruction techniques adapted
to suit, ensuring we operated
within our parameters. All results
of these surveys and changes
were posted on our website and
community notice board.
There have been a number of good
practice examples implemented
at Grange Walk. In addition to the
above we have employed 15 local
apprentices, six of whom now
have permanent employment
with us and our supply chain. We
were fortunate enough to trial
a temporary works monitoring
and inspection device known as
‘SafeTime’. This incorporates geo-
tagged digital devices specifically
designed to enable anybody to
easily understand if our scaffold
structures are safe to work off.
We have given particular focus to
raising awareness of health issues
relating to our workforce, not just
occupational, and supported and
raised many funds for local and
national charities.
Notting Hill Housing has been
particularly supportive of all
our activities and initiatives and
we worked closely together to
inform and engage with the local
community at all times. United
House has a particularly proactive
Corporate Social Responsibility
programme and our aim is always
to leave a lasting legacy long after
our projects have completed. A
successful site is a team effort
though and we cannot succeed
unless the United House site
management is working as one
with our specialist supply chain.
Particular emphasis was placed on
this in selecting and recruiting the
supply chain and reinforcing this in
all site meetings, toolbox talks, etc.
The site team was presented
with a special award by Notting
Hill Housing in June 2014 in
recognition of the team’s efforts
to have gone above and beyond
our competitors to deliver the best
possible service and product.
Left image:
Project Manger David Martin and Lead Fitout Manager Vik Turner with the Easter bunny donating eggs
to surrounding residents and neighbours.
Right image:
United House Grange Walk team and their supply chain fund
raising for Breast Cancer.
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