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August 2014
Issue 33
The two key technical challenges
on this project have been the
construction of the new concourse
with limited possession times and
the redevelopment of the existing
listed station building.
Already very busy, with limited
possession availability, a method
had to be found to build the new
structure over and alongside the
busy four platform electrified
station; whilst causing no
disruption to the routine operation
of the station.
Short Rules of The Route (RoTR)
possessions drove the selection
of method. With only one to
two hours working per weekday
night and six hours on Sunday it
was apparent that the time had
to be used very efficiently and
only for activities that could not
be undertaken at other times.
A system of prefabrication was
proposed, preparing the bridging
structure as two 100 tonne
Each module was assembled
away from the tracks, complete
with scaffolding enclosure system
and lifted into position with a
1,000 tonne crane using only one
possession per module.
Once installed, the modules
were fully enclosed and could be
accessed from the adjacent car
park and became a high street
environment. Work to clad and fit
out the bridging sections could
therefore continue in normal
hours, without the need for further
possessions. This solution not
only ensured no disruption during
construction, but also significantly
reduced the overall programme
of works within the station.
Had the new concourse been
constructed in-situ, the project
programme would have increased
by approximately 46 weeks.
To plan and prove this method
a virtual 4D model was built,
showing the precise method of
construction with the modules
being built and positioned by
In terms of the redevelopment of
the existing listed building, the
team has coordinated closely with
Historic Scotland, ensuring that
all stonework is matching and/
or complementary to the existing
façade. Upon commencement of
the works, due to the age of the
building, it was established that
the structure was not as sound as
originally anticipated. The team
has therefore devised a number of
temporary support solutions and
is working closely with the design
team to ensure that overall brief is
met whilst reinforcing the stability
of the structure.
As a key station along the
Edinburgh to Glasgow route,
ensuring the continued operation
of the station throughout the
project has been crucial. Our
project team has worked closely
with Network Rail, First Scotrail
and station staff on a daily basis
to ensure the continued smooth
running of all rail services. This has
included constructing a segregated
high street environment to
enable works to continue safely
throughout the day, thorough
cleaning of platforms after all
nightly possessions and twice
daily meetings with station staff
to ensure smooth handovers after
each possession.
Haymarket Station Capacity Improvement Project
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