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August 2014
Issue 33
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As detailed above, the Limited
Rules of the Route possession times
resulted in a number of innovative
construction solutions being
The principal innovation, which
was shortlisted for an IStructE
award, was the construction
and installation of the new
concourse and bridging structure
in prefabricated sections over the
railway line. This prefabricated
solution saved 46 weeks on the
Appreciating the novelty of our
proposed methodology, we
developed a 4D BIM model to test
viability, programme and provide
reassurance to Network Rail that
this was the optimal solution
for the project against their key
Safety is of paramount importance
to both Network Rail and Morgan
Sindall with our closely aligned
behavioural change programmes
of ‘Everyone home safe every day’
and ‘100% Safe’ respectively. These
behaviours and attitudes were
reinforced amongst the Haymarket
team principally through our
safety information centre. The
safety information centre on site is
located in a cabin adjacent to the
welfare facilities and all operatives
passed through the centre on a
daily basis en route to their duties.
The centre provides a location for
permits to work, the daily hazards
board and other safety information.
Each operative is required to sign in
to confirm they have attended the
centre that day.
Value for money was considered
at every stage with a number of
solutions provided to Network Rail
which offered added value or a
capital saving. The value for money
elements of the project included
the EFTE roof which provided a
capital saving due to the reduced
requirement for steel to support
the lighter roof and reduced costs
for the platform offices through
Key to the success of this project
has been the collaborative
relationship between Network Rail,
Morgan Sindall and First Scotrail.
The commitment of all parties
to the ‘best for project’ approach
has ensured the success of the
Haymarket Capacity Improvement
project on all fronts: commercially,
quality, programme and most
importantly, in the community.
As part of the EGIP, the entire
ethos behind the project is one of
collaboration and transparency.
Both Morgan Sindall and Network
Rail successfully implemented
this by working together in a
shared, open plan office, enabling
easy communication flow and
a development of trusting
relationships. In addition to this,
a number of communication
measures have been implemented
to ensure that both parties are able
to express expectations, issues or
concerns over the project and take
steps to action these.
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