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August 2014
Issue 33
Company Registration overview
Company Registration allows any company working in the construction industry
to sign up to the Considerate Constructors Scheme and enjoy the benefits of
Any company of any size can
register, including trade contractors
and those who work within the
supply chain.
Company Registration covers the
Companies with an annual
turnover up to £3.5m
Registration covers all sites that the
company works on or manages,
regardless of duration.
Companies with an annual
turnover greater than £3.5m
Registration covers working on any
site under a main contractor, and
all sites where the company is the
main contractor and the duration
is less than six weeks. Sites with a
duration over six weeks need to be
registered separately under Site
Company Registration was
introduced in 2009 due to demand
from subcontractors wanting to
register with the Scheme and
play their part to improve the
image of construction. Since it
was introduced, the Scheme has
received over 2000 registrations
and experienced an 11% increase
in registrations in 2013 compared
to 2012. This year, registrations
are currently 16% up compared to
what the Scheme achieved in 2013
between the months of January to
In order to ensure registered
companies are offered the very
highest levels of service, the
Scheme regularly asks for feedback
and comments from its members.
Some of the comments the Scheme
has received include:
“Registration with the Scheme has
helped us gain more contracts and
has proved to be one of the best
moves we have made. We would
highly recommend it to other
construction companies as the way
NWPS Construction Ltd
“By displaying and promoting my
registration with the Scheme, I
have experienced financial gain
that far surpasses any tenders
coming from prequalification
Brian Power Building Ltd
“Registering with the Scheme
has been hugely beneficial to N
& R Huddersfield. Not only have
we been able to secure more
contracts but we now take a
different approach to our work,
one which we know plays a small
part in improving the image of
N & R Huddersfield Ltd
If you would like to register with
the Scheme as a company, or to
find out more information, please
0800 783 1423
or visit
Company Partnership is a type of
membership for companies who
have proven their commitment
to improving the image of
construction through being
a registered company for a
minimum of two years and having
consistently performed to a high
Company Partners will meet
regularly to share best practice and
develop new ideas and initiatives
to help secure the Scheme’s future
The founding Company Partners
Elev8 Interiors Ltd
Norriskips &Waste Management
NWPS Construction Ltd
Penmilne Electrical Contractors Ltd
Tasker Catchpole Ltd
For more information on
Company Partnership, click
Company Partnership
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