Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 38

August 2014
Issue 33
The Scheme is pleased to announce that additional products are now available to all
registered companies to help promote their registration with the Scheme.
New products available for
registered companies
This company is registered with
the Considerate Constructors Scheme
TheConsiderateConstructorsScheme isanon-profit-making, independentorganisation
setup to improve the imageofconstruction.TheSchemehasno legislativepowersbut
encouragesparticipatingconstructioncompanies toperformbeyond legal requirements.
Participation isvoluntaryand thosewho choose to registerwith theConsiderate
ConstructorsSchememustadhere to theCodeofConsideratePractice.ThisCode
isdesigned toencourage companiestoworkwith thegreatest careand consideration
for theneighbourhoodandgeneralpublic, theworkforceand theenvironment.
Registered companiesshoulddo all they can to reduce the impactof construction
activityon anyone affectedby theirwork and should aim to leave apositive
impressionon theirneighbours.
Registered companiesshoulddo all they can tobe a considerate employer.
They shouldprovide clean and appropriate facilities for all thosewhowork for
them, and treat every employeewith respect.
Registered companiesshoulddo all they can to reduce anynegative impact they
mayhaveon the environment, and shouldwork in an environmentally-conscious
and sustainablemanner.
Every registered company isvisitedbyoneof theScheme’sexperiencedMonitorswho
assesses itsperformanceand scores itagainst theCodeofConsideratePractice.
Thehighest standardsof considerate constructionareencouragedand recognised
eachyear through theScheme’sNationalCompanyAwards.
TheCodeofConsideratePracticeandmore informationabout theScheme
canbe foundbyvisiting
Ifyouwould like to commenton
how considerate this companyis,please call the contactusing thedetailson this
poster.Alternatively,you can call theConsiderateConstructorsSchemeon the
Improving the image of construction
J6328 a1 companyposter english finalAW_Layout 1 16/06/2014 14:14 Page1
A1 Company
The A1 poster is
to be displayed
externally to
inform the public
of the company’s
registration and
what it means to
be a considerate
The poster also
displays contact
details for the company or the Scheme in the
event of anyone wishing to make contact.
A1 posters cost £11 (+ VAT) each and are available
in English or Welsh.
This company is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme
For more information call:
0800 783 1423
Improving the image
Large Banners
Large banners measure 3.65m x 1m and promotes
the company’s registration and the Scheme’s contact
Large banners cost £75 (+ VAT) each.
Landscape flag
Landscape flags measure 1.8m x 1.2m.
Landscape flags cost £27.50 (+ VAT) per flag.
If you would like to purchase any of the below
products, please call
0800 783 1423
or email
7m (6.15m above ground)
two section aluminium
alloy flagpole in a white
finish complete with
white truckhead, external
halyard, cleat and ground
Flagpole for landscape
flags cost £140 (+ VAT)
Flag not included.
Maximum recommended
flag size is 1.80m x 1.20m.
Flagpole for landscape flag
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