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August 2014
Issue 33
You may notice our
Industry Image
newsletter looking
a little different this issue and we hope you like the
After many years we decided it
was time to refresh the style but
rest assured it will continue to
provide you with up to date news
from the Scheme, information for
registered sites, companies, and
now suppliers, as well as examples
of best practice.
Our headline this issue is the launch
of Supplier Registration. This is the
Scheme’s third type of registration
which allows companies that
provide goods and materials to
the industry the opportunity to
become a member of the Scheme
and showcase their considerate
credentials. This means that not
only can sites register, but so too
can those who work on the sites
and those who make deliveries,
so even more companies can now
contribute towards improving the
image of construction.
Following the introduction of
Supplier Registration, we are also
launching the Ultra Sites initiative
which recognises those sites which
are registered themselves and
also use registered companies
and suppliers on the project. More
information can be found in this
The Scheme’s Board underwent
a few changes on the 1st July
and I would like to give a warm
welcome to Angus Kennedy and
Albert Ree who I am sure will help
continue the Scheme’s success
into the future. Thank you also to
John Sayers who stepped down
as Director and became our new
Scheme Ambassador.
The winners of this year’s Ivor
Goodsite Hoarding Competition
have also been announced and
can be found in this very issue. The
response to this year’s competition
was phenomenal, and on behalf of
the Scheme, I would like to thank
every registered site and company
in making this a fantastic event for
so many local communities.
I hope you enjoy reading this
issue of
Industry Image
. Please let
us know if there is anything you
would like to see included in future
issues or if you would like to tell
us how you are promoting your
registration by emailing
Thank you for your continued
Mike Petter
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