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The second Client Partners’Meeting of 2014 took place on the 22nd July at the
London Bridge Hotel in London where the Scheme’s Client Partners met to discuss
the latest initiatives and developments.
August 2014
Issue 33
Client Partners’ Meeting,
July 2014
The meeting began with Scheme
Director John Evans welcoming
the attendees and introducing
the Scheme’s Operations Manager
Andy Brooke, as well as the other
directors and attending Client
Andy Brooke then proceeded
to present an overview of the
Scheme’s progress since the
beginning of 2014, including
the latest registration statistics,
the development of Supplier
Registration, and ‘Spotlight on…
A general discussion then followed
where Client Partners were invited
to discuss with the Scheme how it
could help clients with aiding their
contractors adhere to the Code of
Considerate Practice.
After lunch, Client Partners were
divided into two groups to take
turns discussing two topics – Ultra
Sites and the new client guide.
The two groups were chaired by
Scheme directors who reported
back to the whole meeting on what
was discussed after the sessions
John Evans closed the meeting by
thanking the Client Partners for
For more information on
Client Partnership, please
The Scheme’s Operations Manager Andy Brooke presenting to the Client Partners
attending and for the valuable input
and feedback which the Scheme
will use to help develop future
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