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August 2014
Issue 33
The children at Broadclyst Primary
School decorated the hoarding
boards with a bright summer
scene, inspired by the fields and
wildlife around Broadclyst. Children
aged from 2 ½ to 11 took part in
decorating the board by painting
sunflowers, stems, bugs and grass.
The younger children covered
their hands in paint to make hand
prints for the grass whilst the
older children created their own
drawings of mini-beasts in the art
studio which were transferred to
the boards using graphite paper.
They then carefully painted them
by mixing their own colours in
acrylic paint.
Eleven pupils from Liswerry Primary
School were set the challenge
to create the artwork for Wates’
hoarding reflecting the chosen
theme ‘Welsh wildlife’. The children
sketched their drawings on A4
paper which were then transferred
onto the hoarding with the help
of a local spray artist. Kitted out in
white protective suits, the children
used aerosol cans to make their
colourful designs come to life;
the vibrant hoarding shows some
budding artists in the making.
Along the corridors of Nottingham
University Hospital’s school wards
once stood blank canvases which
have now been transformed into
scenes of magic and creativity.
Interserve wanted to get the
children from the wards involved
with the Hoarding Competition and
through liaising with the Hospital
school, devised a system where
during their bedside schooling
they could design pictures for
the hoardings. The themes were
chosen by the children and carried
out in several phases; art work for
the corridors, themed walls for the
hoardings and a skip competition
where the winner’s designs were
painted onto the site’s skips. Due to
the children’s immune systems, two
of the hoardings were decorated
in stickers, themed on princesses,
Despicable Me, Spiderman and
Angry Birds. The children’s artwork
was transferred onto the walls by
a local artist making this once dull
scene a place full of imagination.
A football theme couldn’t
have been more appropriate
for Keepmoat in football-mad
Sunderland; local children were
asked to develop ideas for a spray
artist who would later transfer
these on to the site hoarding.
The competition was supported
by Sunderland AFC and their
community project business
“The Foundation of Light – Kicks
Programme”. Frank Styles, a
local spray artist, created a work
of art depicting Sunderland
football shirts and the World Cup.
Southwick Primary School children
got stuck in by painting footballs
across the hoarding. All of the
local businesses also got involved
in the hoarding developments by
bringing food and refreshments
to keep everyone content as the
masterpiece developed.
To find out more information
about the Ivor Goodsite
Hoarding competition, please
The community spirit of Chester
le Street really came to light with
this artistic venture to create a
colourful and meaningful hoarding
for Cestria Community Housing and
Keepmoat’s site. All of the Groups;
Nettlesworth Primary School,
Society of Disabled Artists (SODA),
The Brockwell Centre and Crazy For
Art embraced the competition with
a lot of energy and incredibly the
age range for everyone involved
was between 8 and 92 years. One
of the older participants who was
so enthusiastic about the project
unfortunately fell ill but that was
not going to stop her, she was so
engrossed and dedicated to the
“Hoarding Challenge” that she
co-ordinated the project from
her hospital bed. The theme was
dedicated to the environment
and some amazing artwork was
produced by all involved, which in
turn has made the hoarding into
a local attraction and has brought
the community together.
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