Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 7

August 2014
Issue 33
If you would like to know more
information about Supplier
Registration please call
0800 783 1423
or email
The Scheme has also published
the Supplier Registration
brochure which you can view by
If you would like to register as a
supplier, click
There are many benefits of registering as a supplier
with the Scheme, including:
• Membership of the nationally
recognised Scheme endorsed
by local authorities, the
Government, main contractors
and major industry clients.
• Gaining a competitive edge
with prospective clients by
demonstrating a commitment
to high standards.
• Considerate Constructors
Scheme branding and
• Listing on the Scheme’s website
which may be used by main
contractors or members of the
public to find companies and
evaluate performance.
• Independent assessment
of your company and sites
by experienced industry
• A means by which you
can assess and benchmark
your own performance and
strive for development and
• The possibility of winning
National Awards.
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