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December 2014

Issue 34




The Scheme believes that it is well

recognised and understood by

most medium to large contractors

who register longer duration sites

and that there is little to gain by

attempting to expand further in

that market. Where the Scheme has

so far not managed to gain a strong

foothold is with trade contractors,

the smallest contractors and SMEs

running shorter duration sites. The

Scheme has also begun registering

and monitoring suppliers to

construction sites and companies.

The collaborative working ‘Ultra

Sites’ initiative is seen as the best

way to promote registration to

trade contractors and suppliers

as to achieve this status the

main contractor of an ‘Ultra Site’

is required to ensure a large

proportion, if not all, of their trade-

contractors and suppliers for that

site are separately registered with

the Scheme.

Experience has shown that

marketing directly to SMEs is not

particularly effective, and instead,

the Scheme will target the reasons

why SMEs will register – clients,

local authorities, trade bodies etc.

The Scheme will also continue

with its efforts to influence the

highest levels of the industry and

will become further involved with

the Construction 2025 Industrial

Strategy and will work at lobbying

the government to promote

registration with the Scheme.


• Develop and launch the ‘Best

Practice Hub’, a website with

in-depth guidance and analysis

against each item of the Scheme’s

Code and Checklist.

• Provide consultancy services

where the Scheme informs

construction sites, companies and

suppliers on how to perform to the

highest standards of the Scheme.

• Broaden the range of training

events to deliver advice on raising


• Work with universities and

colleges to develop training

modules that highlight the

expectations of the Scheme.

• Expand the registration of

construction site suppliers.

• Encourage trade contractors and

suppliers to register through main

contractors using them as part of

the ‘Ultra Site’ initiative.

• Increase registration by SMEs by

targeting what influences them –

their clients, local authorities and

trade bodies.


To learn more about the

Scheme, please click