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December 2014

Issue 34



New cartoon poster

The Scheme has developed a new version of its popular cartoon poster which

shows the good and bad impact that a construction site can have, not just on the

nearby area, but in the wider community and beyond.

The poster looks at how a site

can affect its surrounding area. It

also shows the impact of sourcing

materials from sustainable sources

versus using non-sustainable


The cartoon poster has

exaggerated aspects of bad

construction for comedic effect but

the message is a serious one and

highlights why it is so important

for the industry to behave in

a considerate and sustainable


All newly registered sites will

receive this new poster in their Site

Registration Pack.

The Scheme is delighted to

continue supporting the Open

Doors weekend which is due to

take place next year on 6 and 7

March 2015.

Organised by the UK Contractors

Group (UKCG), the Scottish

Contractors Group (SCG), the

Industry Training Board and Sector

Skills Council, CITB, the Chartered

Institute of Building (CIOB) and

the Considerate Constructors

Scheme, Open Doors will give a

safe, exciting and unique look at


The initiative is designed to

open up UK construction sites

to the public so that they can

see the diverse world of modern

construction and meet the fantastic

men and women who make it all


It also functions as a great

opportunity to attract new talent

into the industry and showcase the

many fantastic career opportunities

that are available in the industry.

Open Doors weekend - 6th and 7thMarch 2015

For more information on this

initiative, please visit

The visit was a great

success and extremely

well organised....The

pupils loved the day

and have learnt about

the different jobs in the

construction industry.

I think the scheme is

excellent and cannot wait

for next year!