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December 2014

Issue 34



Over time, this allows the Scheme

to track the changing views and

attitudes of people regarding the

image of construction.

The Scheme has previously

partnered with Building magazine

who have helped to gather the

thoughts of those who work in the

industry and enlisted the help of

YouGov to ascertain the perceptions

of the public.

Early next year, the survey will

be sent to a number of industry

contacts held on the Scheme’s

database and they will be asked

to answer a number of questions

including how they perceive the

image of UK construction and the

impact of the Scheme.

YouGov will again be assisting with

contacting a representative sample

of the public so that the Scheme

can gauge how the public views

the industry so that comparisons

Annual industry survey

can be made between their views

and the industry’s workforce, and

how their perceptions have also

changed compared to previous


All answers are anonymous and

the information provided will allow

the Scheme to record and monitor

people’s changing view, whilst

reviewing its own performance and

identifying areas for improvement.

Each year the Scheme asks those who work in the industry and members of the public

their thoughts on how they think the image of the construction industry is changing.

All Monitors are asked to take

part so that the Scheme is able

to get a holistic view of how it

is performing in the eyes of its

Monitors and what it could do to

improve. The feedback this year

has been excellent with Monitors

enjoying both their role and being

in a position to offer guidance to

registered sites, companies and

suppliers to help them improve

their considerate standards.

The survey was broken up into

various sections, which included

interacting with the Scheme’s

admin staff, and using a scoring

scale between 1 and 10 where 10

is very satisfied, Monitors gave an

average score of 9.2.

This year the Scheme reintroduced

the Monitors’ Annual Conference

which provides an ideal

Annual Monitors’ survey feedback

Every year the Scheme asks its Monitors via a survey for their thoughts on what they think

about the monitoring process and the Scheme as a whole.

opportunity for all Monitors and

admin staff to meet and hear about

the latest news and developments.

This was well-received, with an

average of 9.4.

Regarding how satisfied the

Monitors are with the Code,

Checklist and scoring, this area

received an average score of 8.2

with a number of suggestions

being made on future

development. These suggestions

were reviewed for inclusion in the

new 2015 Checklist, due to be

published on the 1 January 2015.

The Scheme would like to thank

all Monitors for taking part in the

2014 survey.