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December 2014

Issue 34

The rise in demolition was recently

reported in Construction News

where the publication highlighted

findings from real estate company

Deloitte’s Office Crane Survey,

which revealed that the coming

year would see 7m square feet of

Grade A office space delivered – the

largest annual volume since 2003.

The demolition phase of any project

is usually the most disruptive to

those living or working near a

construction site. This is why is it

vital that this phase of the project

is registered with the Scheme so

that measures can be put in place in

order to minimise the impact that

this type of work can have.

Complaints of dust, noise and

increased vehicle movement

associated with demolition can all

be allayed if sites communicate

with the local community about

the works, and displaying Scheme

signage will instil confidence in the

public as they know the site will do

its utmost to work with the greatest

levels of care and consideration.

One demolition company which

recognises the importance of

registering demolition with the

Scheme is Dem-Master Demolition

Ltd of West Lothian.

The company’s Bid and Marketing

Manager, Claire Bryce said: “I think

demolition companies generally

have a bad reputation within the

industry and can be labelled as

cowboys. This is why we began

registering with the Considerate

Constructors Scheme as it shows

we are an organisation which cares

about the environmental impact of

our work.

“It’s not just about demolition and

construction but about considering

the community and environment.

It definitely helps to register in

advance of demolition work as the

registration pack you receive from

the Scheme provides posters and

information to make the public

aware of proposed work and gives

them relevant contact details.”

Another considerate constructor

who registers its projects before

demolition work commences is

Crossrail Ltd (CRL), which requires

all of its demolition and enabling

works contractors to register with

the Scheme in advance.

Established in 2001 to promote

and develop vital transport links

to meet the needs of people and

businesses throughout the south-

east, CRL registered its first site

with the Scheme in 2009. It has

enjoyed a close relationship with

the Scheme ever since, becoming a

Client Partner in 2012.

Registering demolition work

is key to building trust with

the public and will establish a

positive relationship from the very



Why it is important to register

the demolition phase

To register with the Scheme,

please click



With an expected surge in demolition works due to take place as new office developments

are constructed, registering the demolition phase with the Scheme is just as important as

any other.

With demolition

predicted to increase

over the next few years,

it is important that sites

register with the Scheme

before work takes place

to reduce any impact on

the public.

Demolition can create

a lot of inconvenience

to the public, which

is why it is important

for the work to be

registered early so that

any disruption can be

minimised as much as


Edward Hardy

Scheme Chief Executive