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December 2014

Issue 34



Working on a five year

refurbishment programme

comprising of 1250 kitchens

and 900 electrical rewires every

year means that it’s not just one

construction site that has to meet

CCS standards – it’s thousands.

Matthew Legg is the Project

Manager for a refurbishment

scheme on behalf of Bristol City

Council. The kitchen refurbishments

and electrical rewiring are being

carried out in homes spread

throughout the area of Bristol City

Council’s housing stock. All of the

homes remain operational during

the works.

Lovell works with both its own

employees and its subcontractors

to ensure the programme is

maintained and each property is

delivered to a high quality standard

and to the correct specification.

Apart from ensuring the principles

of the Considerate Constructors

Scheme are an integral part of

all their work, Lovell also makes

specific efforts to incorporate and

promote the scheme. This includes:

• Site Induction – (CCS Code of

Considerate Practice issued)

• Property information board –

(CCS Code on display)

• All letters and correspondences

have CCS logo

• Information available in the

canteen is dedicated to the CCS

and there is a noticeboard for

each of the five categories.

Unsurprisingly, the project has

faced its share of challenges.

Matthew explains: “The start of this

project was extremely challenging

largely due to the reduced

timescale in year one.

“The programme target of 1250

Kitchens and 900 Rewires was

completed within nine months as

opposed to the usual 12. This was

achieved through sheer hard work.

“Despite the success of year one,

we could see opportunities to

improve still further and we made

every effort to do so.”

He continued:

“Through the success of our work,

the continuous improvements

we’ve made and our commitment

to good communication, we have

gained the trust of our client, which

has led to high client satisfaction

Each task is as

important as the next

one,” says Lovell’s

Project Manager

Matthew Legg. “We

are going into people’s

homes and we insist

that our team respects

that fact on every

single visit, and make

every effort to do an

outstanding job for

our client and for the


and additional work being issued.

“On a day to day basis my

team deal with vulnerable and

challenging residents who require

additional time and care. Over the

period of the contract we have

learnt to adapt and extend our

service to enable us to carry out

work in the homes of those that

previously no other contractor has

been able to do.”

The project has been scored at 45

in the last two CCS Monitor’s Site

Reports, with each category scoring

a 9. The latest CCS report states:

“It is hard to find new words to

describe this project from a CCS

perspective as the project is

currently operating at “Exceptional”

and it is so pleasing to note

that once again the project has

achieved a score of 45 given that

the project remains one that

requires precise planning and close

cooperation with the Client’s FM

team, the RLOs and the occupiers

of the houses being refurbished,

especially as the works are being

carried out right in the heart of the

operational housing estates.

“The fact that the Client has

increased the volume of work

in the contract speaks volumes

for the way the works are being

undertaken by the Lovell team.

It must be noted once again that

Matthew Legg’s contribution and

enthusiasm to the success of the

project as well as his contribution

to matters that affect the CCS is

outstanding in every facet.

For Matthew Legg and his Lovell team in Bristol, being a considerate constructor is not just

a matter of ticking some boxes, it is a golden thread that runs through everything they do.