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December 2014

Issue 34

“Matthew has the extremely

proactive support of his line

management and the site team

and they all continue to implement

what are already strong Lovell

processes and systems in a very

proactive way, and it clear that the

Client and the various housing

communities continue to be fully

supportive of the way in which the

works are being undertaken.

“Further, the various incentive

schemes that are being provided by

the site management to encourage

the workforce are continuing to be

both popular and strong drivers for

encouraging strong team building.

“Matthew, with the highly proactive

support of Lovell colleague Jess

Phibben, has once again compiled

an extremely clever noticeboard

relating to healthy eating/sugar

content in various foods, and

is continuing to undertake an

ongoing and strong local school

engagement programme.

“There will undoubtedly be a


strong legacy associated with the

this project (the scores achieved on

the satisfaction surveys continuing

to be at 98% bears testament to

that fact) not only via the enhanced

and upgraded housing units that

will be in place but also the very

positive interaction that the various

housing communities will have had

with this Lovell team.”

Initiatives carried out on this

project include:

• Promoting positive lifestyle


• Community challenge –

creating a patio and BBQ for the


• Recycling old timber and pallets

into bird tables and flower beds

• Regular team bonding – curry

nights and pool nights

• The use of zip door kits and

cooker protectors

• Fish & chip



(Elderly persons dwelling)

• Bottled water provided during

warmer months

• Quiet room / pray room

• Bike rack

Matthew is delighted to have

received the score of 45 in the latest

CCS report but more importantly,

he is delighted to be doing a

great job for the client and for the

residents. He concludes:

The project was awarded

a Bronze award in 2013,

which I collected in

person in London this

year. I’d love to make it a

silver or gold this year.

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