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December 2014

Issue 34


The preservation of local flora

and fauna

The site is located immediately next to

a protected habitat for various species

of newts including theGreat Crested

Newt. Fromthe outset the aimwas to

protect this habitat. To do this specific

soakaways were constructed prior to

the erection of the cabins and scrapes

were put in place around their current

habitat creating a newt kingdom. This

was to ensure that the newts would

notmigrate away fromtheir current


Targeted reduction in vehicle

movement to and fromsite

The cut and fill exercise that was

undertaken at the outset of the project

involved breaking out circa 70,000m3

of limestone froma shallow rock

head on the site. The excavated rock

was then crushed in toType 1 and

6F2 aggregate on site and reused for


It is estimated that using locally

sourcedmaterials has reduced vehicle

movements bymore than 240,000

miles between local quarries and the


Enhancing local employment

on the project

From the outset, the team

were receiving a high volume

of calls regarding employment

opportunities. The team identified

a need to work with local job

centres, training schemes, schools

and subcontractors to not only

identify and create employment

opportunities, but also to educate

the potential workforce as to the

requirements needed to work both

on site and in the construction


Working in collaboration with the

local job centre we developed

a seminar for the long-term

unemployed who were looking to

work in the construction industry.

This was further extended to the

job centre personnel so that they

could understand the requirements

of the people that they were

sending through to interview for

roles in the industry.

Teachers from local schools

have also undertaken tours of

the site so that they understand

the many options open to their

students in the construction

industry and as commented by

some of the teachers it counters

the stereotypical view of the

construction industry.

Welfare of all those who come onto


Every three months an external

health check is offered to all on

site. Subscription to date has been

very popular and we have offered a

free one-day pass to the workforce

as it is always oversubscribed. Free

one-day passes to the local leisure

centre are available and these are

being utilised. Every Friday we

offer free fruit and we promote our

healthy lifestyle campaign which

includes a monthly topic presented

to all attendees.




From the outset of the project,

the team has been committed to

supporting local employment and

the community. This undertaking

has ensured that 90 per cent of the