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December 2014

Issue 34


One of the difficulties thatWillmott

Dixon has faced during the project

has beenmanoeuvringmaterial

deliveries through the University

campus; this has been exacerbated

by the tight site footprint which has

little storage space. To combat these

issues, the teamand supply chain

parties have worked to time deliveries

by the hour, ensuring proper

preparation is in place tomove

materials through the campus.

Willmott Dixon has ensured that

the site has been well kept, with

regular maintenance of local

footpaths such as continued

trimming of hedges and foliage

throughout the course of the


Willmott Dixon has worked

to consider the needs of the

community throughout the project;

one example being the upgrade

works to the adjacent road junction

being tailored around the nearby

fire station to ensure the works do

not affect operations.

The contractors have also

programmed the works to avoid

the re- internment procession of

King Richard III in March 2015,

which will pass directly by the site.

The contractor has worked to ensure

that that all of its workforce have

been properly trained and supported

throughout the project.

Willmott Dixon’s employees have

been providedwith free on-site

medical checks and complete training

in the Considerate Constructors

Scheme Code of Considerate Practice,

as well as receiving full Passivhaus

standard training.

Willmott Dixon has pioneered use

of online safety and Passivhaus

inductions for site-workers, making

the training programme as efficient

as possible.

Every supply chain contractor

Willmott Dixon has partnered

is expected to work to Scheme

standards and every worker

receives an overview of the scheme

To register with the Scheme,

please click



ethos as part of the site induction

– ensuring that every person

involved in the project is supported

and knowledgeable.

Willmott Dixon have forged an

excellent relationship with the

adjacent Regent College since

works have started on the campus;

the contractors have hired parking

spaces from the college, with the

proceeds being spent on new

sports-related facilities for the

college. The project has in fact

benefited the area in many ways,

boosting the economy with a

projected increase in local spend of

£25,000, due to contractors using

local food outlets.

View from the University of Leicester’s North Elevation in November 2014