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December 2014

Issue 34



If you would like to register your

company with the Scheme, click



measure each site individually

and continually monitor and

make improvements as the work


Charity: We donate to local charities

in the areas we work in to help with

the good causes they represent.

We feel this is an excellent way

to give something back to the

communities we are working in.

Local Community Relations: Prior

to works commencing on any of

our projects we send a letter to all

neighbours in the area to notify

them of our works and give them

contact numbers, should they

have any concerns or requests. This

reduces any inconvenience caused

to them as a result of our works.

The neighbours also get an update

letter halfway through our works.

We also display a site newsletter

fortnightly which updates all local

residents of the progress on site. As

a goodwill gesture, we offer free-

of-charge services to neighbouring

properties which may need

assistance in the upkeep of their


Local Schools: Prior to works

commencing on any of our

projects, all schools and nurseries

in the local area receive a letter to

notify them of our works. As with

neighbouring properties, this gives

them the opportunity to contact us

with any requests they may have.

We also offer to attend the schools

to give a presentation to the

pupils in relation to construction,

particularly in respect to health and




Company Registration has

proved extremely beneficial

to us. It gives our prospective

clients that extra confidence in

knowing that our sites will be set

up and managed in line with the

Scheme’s Code of Considerate

Practice. We always refer our

clients to the Scheme so they in

turn can get an understanding of

it. As mentioned above, we would

highly recommend the scheme

to construction companies. After

all, improving the image of our

industry will prove advantageous

to us all.