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February 2015

Issue 35



receives no public funding so we’re

extremely thankful to Mulalley for

purchasing helpline wristbands and

we would of course encourage all

other companies to follow in their

footsteps by providing wristbands

for their workforce.”

Bill Hill, Chief Executive of the

Lighthouse Construction Industry

Charity said: “The Construction

Industry Helpline was launched to

support the whole construction

community in their time of need.

The service is free for all the

workforce and their families but we

need corporate engagement and

support. We are delighted that the

Considerate Constructors Scheme

have taken this to heart and have

brought Mulalley on board who

have purchased the wristbands for

their team.”

Contact the Construction

Industry Helpline on

0845 605


or visit their



The Construction Industry Helpline

provides support

and advice on a range of topics from






financial aid

in times of

hardship caused by accident, illness or bereavement.

Those working in the industry, as well

as their families, can contact the

Construction Industry Helpline to access:


Emergency financial aid in times of

crisis following an illness, accident,

injury or bereavement that forces a

family into a state of poverty


Advice on occupational health and

wellbeing issues as an employee or

an employer


Support and advice for sufferers of

stress and addiction-related illnesses


Advice on matters ranging from

divorce to employment


Advice on specific tax-related issues

concerning employment within the

construction sector


Help to manage and reschedule debt


Help to understand the benefits

system and your entitlement,

especially if you are caring for others


Support on career changes, especially

after accident or injury preventing you

from returning to your original job

Please call the Construction Industry

Helpline’s 24/7 confidential number or

visit the website if you would like help

and support.

0845 605 1956

a2 poster client final_Layout 1 24/11/2014 10:23 Page 1

A2 Industry Helpline Poster

The A2 poster is to be displayed internally, in

a canteen, site office or similar, so that those

working on site or in an office can read about

the helpline and get in touch if they would like


The A2 poster details the different ways the

helpline can provide assistance to help those in

times of crisis.

Posters cost

£7.50 (+ VAT)



Wristbands include the helpline logo, as

well as the website address and telephone

number, and every wristband also comes with

a free wallet-sized helpline card.

Wristbands cost

£2.50 (+ VAT)


Wristbands are made from silicone.

How you can support the helpline

Organisations can play their part in raising awareness of the helpline, as well as much-needed funds, by

purchasing branded wristbands and posters for their workforce.

If you would like to buy wristbands or posters,

please call the Scheme on

0800 783 1423

or email

All profits from the sale of the above items will be

donated to the Construction Industry Helpline to

fund its ongoing support to the workforce.