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February 2015

Issue 35


FORS and CLOCS initiatives go


FORS, the industry-led accreditation scheme for freight operators, and CLOCS, a standard

for managing work related road risks, are now being implemented across the UK.

TfL recently announced that the

Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

(FORS) will be changing hands

from TfL to the FORS Community

Partnership (FCP), a self-funding

scheme which will allow it to

operate throughout the UK, not

just in London.

All FORS operators have

access to advice, guidance and

campaign toolkits, a performance

management system and

supporting tools, regular news

updates and e-learning modules.

There are also offers and discounts

for FORS Associate suppliers.

Construction Logistics and Cyclist

Safety (CLOCS), an industry-

supported and TfL-backed

initiative, was set up in 2013 with

the aim of fundamentally changing

the way the construction industry

manages road safety.

CLOCS is now being rolled out

across construction supply chains

throughout the UK in order to

become the industry standard for

managing work-related road safety

across the UK.

CLOCS and FORS can both help

with addressing the section ‘Secure

everyone’s Safety’ in the Scheme’s

five-point Code of Considerate

Practice, which advises registered

sites, companies and suppliers

to have systems that care for the

safety of the public, visitors and the


During their visits, Scheme

Monitors will consider the Checklist

question 4.7 which asks, ‘What is

done to ensure that the movement

of vehicles and plant outside the

site is not a risk to pedestrians,

cyclists and other road users?’.

Both CLOCS and FORS also feature

in the Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on...cycle

safety’ initiative; an in depth look at

the topic of safer cycling containing

information on what the UK, and

more specifically the construction

industry, is doing to help tackle the


There are also examples of best

practice that have been witnessed

by the Scheme’s Monitors to further

encourage organisations within the

industry to think about how they

can help. These examples can now

be found on the Scheme’s new Best

Practice Hub.

Click below for the:

CLOCS website FORS website Spotlight on... cycle safety Best Practice Hub