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February 2015

Issue 35


The Scheme Monitor praised the

company for its development of

five new homes at 1-5 Maple Road,

Derby, recognising how even small

projects can make big strides in

considerate construction.

Even before building work got

underway, Site Manager Paul

Pygall had made meaningful links

with the neighbours, conducted

a traffic analysis survey to protect

cyclists, and organised the erection

of space-saving stacked cabins for

staff and visitors.

Impressed after his visit, Scheme

Monitor Peter Bolwell said: “Care

and thought seems to be given

to everything at every stage.

Extraordinary efforts have gone

into community relations here,

bearing in mind this contract value

is less than £0.5m.

“Much thought went into the cabin

set up. The final set up shows what

can be done on a small site. This is

a very nice site engaging well with

the local community. Well done.”

Explaining the unique challenges

of working on a small footprint, Mr

Pygall said: “The main challenge

on the project is the logistics and

management of a very constrained

site, surrounded by residential and

commercial properties and on a

busy main road.

“The site compound area was only

44ft by 22ft which also includes

Case study: 5 NewDwellings,

1-5Maple Road

Caring about neighbours, the environment, cyclists and even the local swift population

has earned contractor Robert Woodhead Ltd high praise from the Scheme.

double gates for site access. To

make the most of the small space

we double-stacked 20ft by 8ft

cabins – one being a fully furnished

canteen and drying room and the

other a fully furnished site office

with meeting space for client team


“We also had an 8ft by 10ft

furnished female and male toilet

block, all in company colours to

present a tidy well organised site.”

This is an example of what can be

achieved on smaller projects and

is indicative of Robert Woodhead’s

commitment to delivering social,

economic and environmental

value on construction projects,

recognised by its Investors in

People Gold Award.

The Nottinghamshire-based

company is also a previous National

Site Award winner, scooping three

awards for going beyond statutory

regulations to excel in the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate Practice.

The five-point Code is designed

to encourage constructors to

perform over and above statutory

requirements in respect of

considering the neighbourhood,

general public, workforce and


A vision of considerate construction - initial plans for the project

Extraordinary efforts

have gone into

community relations

here, bearing in mind

this contract value is less

than £0.5m.