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February 2014

Issue 3


Chamic Industrial Services Ltd, a registered company


Asked why Robert Woodhead

first registered with the Scheme,

company spokesman Mathew Hall

said: “The five areas of the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate Practice

aligned with our company’s core

values, objectives and purpose to

make building a better experience

for all.

“It’s not just about delivering an

exceptional experience to our

clients but also local residents,

businesses and the wider


Explaining the care taken to secure

everyone’s safety – one of the

Scheme’s five sections of the Code,

Woodhead’s Site Manager Mr Pygall

said: “We met the neighbours

before we started on site and

conducted a traffic management

analysis, including a cyclist survey.

“On average 90 cyclists pass the

site throughout the day which

was identified as a key safety

management area.”

As a result of this research all

deliveries were informed about

high cyclist numbers and the site’s

supply chain engaged in a cycling

awareness campaign as a result.”

Mr Pygall added: “We have

introduced robust delivery slots

to minimise risks to cyclists,

pedestrians and businesses in the

local area.”

Eye-catching safety information

was also displayed on the site

hoarding thanks to the Derby

Homes’ Junior Wardens – a group

of young volunteers who do

community work for Derby City


Additional evidence of good

practice included working to time

restrictions in a bid to reduce

disruption to site neighbours,

introducing an eco-friendly car

sharing scheme and atomised mist

dust suppression equipment.

Asked how being a part of the

Scheme helped improve the image

of site construction, Mr Pygall said:

“When working on construction

projects we become part of the

local community for a lengthy

period of time.

“We informed the community

through various mediums about

the Considerate Constructors

Scheme and one of the ways we

helped out was by donating fruit to

a local community group who went

on a coach trip.”

One unique environmental project

the site engaged in was working

with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to

install swift boxes into the new

homes – ensuring nesting sites

are available for the declining bird


This scheme will now be replicated,

wherever possible, on all new-build

homes for Derby Homes.

Caring for the community - helping local children enjoy a day trip

It’s not just about

delivering an exceptional

experience to our clients

but also local residents,

businesses and the wider