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February 2015

Issue 35



Elev8 Interiors Ltd

Elev8 Interiors were one of two companies awarded the title of

Most Considerate Company 2014 last year at the Scheme’s National Company Awards 2014.

Elev8 Director Joe O’Neill discusses

one of their projects which helped

secure them the award and how the

Scheme played an integral part in its


Elev8 Interiors won the tender for

the internal fit out of five floors

at the Bolsover Street building

in central London. One floor

had an existing occupant whose

business specialised in high end

designer clothing for celebrities.

The works involved a heavy strip

out of existing installations and a

complete fit out of new offices and

a high end business lounge over an

eight week period.

We made arrangements to meet

with the existing tenant and the

initial meeting started off with the

tenant expressing concern that her

business should not to be impacted

by the construction works.

At the meeting we issued a letter

explaining our involvement in the

Considerate Constructors Scheme

and the Code of Considerate

Practice that we have to follow.

Being a Company Partner with

the Scheme also means we have

to maintain the highest standards

which I gave my guarantee we

would ensure throughout the


Letters were also issued to all the

surrounding buildings with the

same details. The letter explained

the complaints procedure and gave

the site manager and managing

directors’ contact numbers for a

swift resolution of any issues. The

Elev8 site manager visited the

tenant on a daily basis explaining

the works that were to take place,

and an update on completion dates

of disruptive works.

Certain construction works

were stopped when the tenant

had meetings or deliveries. The

reception areas and staircase

where their clients passed were

cleaned daily and re-painted upon

completion of works. Deliveries

were all programmed outside the

tenants working hours to relieve

the access to the building, while

demolition materials were removed

at night and weekends.

We also invited the tenant to walk

the floors during the construction

period and this enabled

them to appreciate the major

improvements and achievements


We installed an external

information poster which explained

the works and programme, which

also included an artist impression

of what the internal space would

look like on completion which

received positive feedback.

During the construction period we

had a visit from a Scheme Monitor

and invited the client tenant to the

meeting. Following this, the tenant

decided to contact our client with

a very positive email regarding

Elev8 Interiors and the site team

which was fantastic. We have now

completed the project with a

delighted client and tenant.

The Scheme and its Code

demonstrates how simple it is

to achieve a high standard of

customer care and a high standard

finish to the works. Both the client

and tenant were at complete ease

throughout the project and our

managers and contractors formed

an excellent team, working with

pride in achieving the final product.

Elev8 operatives proudly showing off the Most Considerate Company Award