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February 2015

Issue 35



them to complete 150 days of

volunteering each year.

One of H&J Martin’s recent projects

was undertaking building works for

hospitals in Belfast Health & Social

Care Trust, whose working practices

were adapted to consider the

vulnerable nature of the patients,

visitors and staff.

Ms McCune said: “Work activities

require specialist Trust-specific

planning to ensure we have

identified all parties who may be

affected by our works, what the

effects may be and how they can

be managed.

“Affected parties are invited to

workshops to explain plans, voice

concerns and agree solutions prior

to any works taking place.

“Once works begin, innovative

solutions are utilised, such as using

PVC-covered hoardings, which not

only present a more professional

image, but can be clinically cleaned,

unlike bare timber hoardings.”

Outlining the sensitive nature of

the construction work, she said:

“Strict protocols are put in place to

protect the hospital environment

during works, which can include

infection control inductions for all

construction staff, or the shutting

down of systems to prevent the

spread of airborne particles such as

dust, as a result of work activities.”

“Site managers conduct daily ‘walk

arounds’ calling on staff and other

end users to ensure any issues are

identified early and resolved as

soon as reasonably practicable.”

H&J Martin has, through the Trust,

become involved with Arts Care,

a charity which makes all forms of

art accessible to patients, clients,

residents and staff in health and

social care settings.

“We believe this is an important

part of the working relationship

between H&J Martin and the

Trust as it signifies a commitment

which goes beyond contractual

requirements,”Ms McCune


“As part of this partnership, any

spare materials are offered to Arts

Care to be utilised by patients as

part of their art projects, which are

displayed throughout the hospital


Commenting on the benefits of

Scheme registration, she said: “We

believe the Scheme improves the

image of construction in several

ways; however we feel the most

important way is by gaining a

commitment from the staff of the

member organisations to meet and

hopefully exceed the set minimum


“The Code of Considerate Practice

gives staff a clear set of guidelines

to help them deliver a customer-

centric service and encourages

them to think about those who may

be affected by the works and to

come up with innovative solutions

to problems encountered.”

Being registered with

the Scheme indicates

that we are a reputable

company with a

commitment to our

clients and to the high

standards set out by the

Code of Considerate


It enables us to tender

for works that require

membership of the

Scheme and it also

allows us to gain

valuable knowledge

from our Monitors.

H&J Martin pictured after receiving their Silver Scheme Company Award 2014 are (left

to right) John Thompson, Head of HSQE, Jill McCune, Customer Service Manager and

Jonathan Baird, Contract Manager

For more information on

Company Registration, click

here .