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February 2015

Issue 35



Commenting on the very positive

involvement of the local library

as a vehicle for communications,

Mr Garland said: “The feedback

and comments in the library

and the letters received and

noted underline that you have

certainly made an impression as a

considerate site.”

Explaining the positive advantages

of having their contractors register

sites with the Scheme, Ms Reynolds

said: “We believe that registration

with CCS means that our

contractors understand that the

quality of their site management is

important to us.

“Contractors are more likely to

deliver a better service as they

understand our priorities, plus they

know that they might be inspected,

so have to keep up their standards.”

Ms Reynolds said registration

helped the company ensure it

was meeting its own corporate

priorities, such as the 2012

Construction Commitments for

affordable housing providers.

This procurement and integration

policy encourages good practice

in design, build, environmental

performance and sustainable

development, forming part of the

HCA (Homes and Communities

Agency) required standards.

She said: “Our reputation is

important to us, and the Scheme

helps us to ensure that our

neighbours and stakeholders

form a good opinion of us at an

early stage.”

Highlighting the benefits of

Scheme registration to other

housing associations, she added:

“I think most contractors are

geared up to work to the CCS

standards, but may become

complacent on sites that are not


A member of the g15 group which

represents London’s 15 largest

housing associations, Southern

Housing Group is committed to

help solve the housing crisis by

delivering good quality affordable


Considerate construction at Iris Court – a Southern Housing Group development for older people in Tilehurst, Reading – the housing

association’s 100th site registration with the Scheme

Registration with the

Scheme helps housing

associations to ensure

that their sites are well