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February 2015

Issue 35


I am delighted to begin the first issue of this year’s

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by saying thank you.

Thank you to every registered site,

company and supplier, and to every

organisation that supports our aim.

I am delighted to report that last

year was the Scheme’s best year

ever in terms of registrations since

it began in 1997.

We recorded the highest number

of registered sites from January

to December which surpassed

the previous record achieved in

2010 and Company Registration

continued its trend of year on

year growth. Although Supplier

Registration was only launched last

August, this too has exceeded our

expectations. This is an exceptional

milestone, not only for the Scheme

but for our industry, and it would

not have been made possible

without the support of those

reading this very issue of




Not only did January show us

what a fantastic 2014 we had but

it also saw the launch of one of our

biggest initiatives since the Code of

Considerate Practice.

The Best Practice Hub is a resource

available to the entire industry

which lets you search what sites,

companies and suppliers are doing

across the UK to raise considerate


The Best Practice Hub already

contains over 650 examples which

is increasing every day, and so is

the number of people using this

fantastic resource. The Hub not

only lets you view examples of best

practice but also add your own,

comment on existing ones and

share – we want this to engage

with the industry and to develop

its own online community of

considerate constructors.

This issue also contains some

exciting news on the upcoming

National Site Awards, as well as the

announcement of the launch of

this year’s Ivor Goodsite Hoarding

Competition which has proved to

be a huge success for every site and

company that takes part.

Please enjoy reading this edition


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, and on behalf of

the Scheme, may I wish you all a

successful 2015.

Mike Petter