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February 2015

Issue 35


Spotlight on... mental health

The Scheme’s regular feature,

which provides a wealth of useful

information, available support

and case studies, will be covering

the subject of mental health next


Aiming to raise awareness of how

the industry’s workforce can be

affected by emotional issues,

regardless of age, gender, religion

or ethnicity, ‘Spotlight on…mental

health’ will cover areas such as

personal and work-related stress,

anxiety and depression.

A recent independent survey found

that 1 in 4 people will experience

a mental health problem in any

one year*, with research indicating

that mental health remains a taboo

subject and a particularly tricky

hurdle for the construction industry

to tackle.

In a male dominated industry

where people find it difficult to talk

about mental health problems as

well as seeking help, emotional

illness such as stress, anxiety or

depression are less likely to be


Work-related stress can often

develop from heavy workloads,

long working hours, travel, family

separation, fear of redundancy

and job insecurity, financial

and budgeting pressures, tight

deadlines and high risk activities.

‘Spotlight on…mental health’ will

provide support and guidance to

employees, employers and family

and friends connected to those

in the industry, delivering useful

advice on how to spot the signs of

mental illness and how to seek help.

The topic of mental health and its effects on the industry’s workforce will be thoroughly

explored in the Scheme’s next ‘Spotlight on…’ initiative.

If you would like to contribute

to the next ‘Spotlight on…’

and share how your company

tackles the topic of mental

health, please email the

Scheme via

*The Good Day at Work Annual Report for 2014/2015