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May 2015

Issue 36


• A project-specific programme

of on-site training was held to

raise awareness and reinforce

company policies.

• The site promotes and publishes

its environmental achievements

to the public as well as the

workforce, and takes steps to

ensure that its water and energy

saving measures are up to date.

Secure everyone’s


Constructors should attain

the highest levels of safety


• Regular stand-downs and

reappraisal of operatives’ task

sheets took place to ensure that

everyone was fully aware of all

safety requirements.

• Regular drug and alcohol testing

took place, with 10% of all site

personnel selected as they

arrived on site.

• A hard-hitting leaflet

highlighting the dangers posed

by HGVs to cyclists, pedestrians

and other road users is given to

all delivery drivers before leaving

the site.

• The harsh realities of

construction-related accidents

were underlined by the review

of a specific case and an emotive

talk by a wheelchair-bound

former operative.

• All operatives are required to

attend a workshop aimed at

effecting a change in culture

and behaviour to improve

safety performance.

• As the workforce progresses

through the safety briefing

levels, their personal

achievement is recognised with

a gold or silver hat badge.

• The visitors’ induction includes

the opportunity for individuals

to record any relevant medical


• Safety talks emphasised

the importance of personal

responsibility and also included

accounts of accidents occurring

elsewhere in the industry to

serve as learning opportunities.

• A cycle safe scheme has been

used where the gateman scores

all vehicles over 3.5T against 10

criteria encompassing driver

training, vehicle equipment,

routes and time planning. The

outcome is fed back to the