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May 2015

Issue 36



Value their


Constructors should provide a

supportive and caring working


• Initiatives to support and care

for the workforce included

incentives to encourage a sense

of ownership in relation to

welfare matters.

• Advice and assistance for

potential stress-related absence

was part of the site’s healthcare


• Equality and diversity

requirements were strongly

emphasised at induction and

supported with an information

handbook outlining policies

and procedures, responsibilities

and entitlements.

• On this smaller site, the

accommodation included

specific areas in which to rest

and relax.

• The site introduced a procedure

to monitor worker fatigue,

particularly in the context of


• A pocket career guide was

made available for all site

personnel to take away which

included points of contact for

further information.

• Support was discretely offered

to any operative having

difficulty with literacy or


• The site team worked to create

a culture in which everyone

on site felt free to express

their views on any matter

relating to site activities, with

a reward scheme to recognise

implemented changes.

• A concerted initiative was

devised aimed at building

a healthier workforce, with

posters displayed, quarterly

campaigns focusing on specific

health issues and discounted

membership fees at a local

fitness club.

• A training programme

was cascaded through the

workforce to ensure that all

aspects of fair play, respect, and

inclusivity were fully supported.

• Toolbox talks included a session

dealing with stress, anxiety and


• Assistance with the use of the

English language and computer

literacy was offered and made

available where requested.

• A scheme was in place to

encourage and support

operatives in achieving NVQ


• Involvement with a local church

presented the opportunity to

provide ‘all faith’ pastoral care

sessions, advertised by notices


• The anti-bullying and

harassment policy was

supported by the availability of

a trained counsellor who visited

the site on request.

Visit the Scheme’s Best Practice Hub via

for further ideas and examples to help

your site improve the image of construction.