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May 2015

Issue 36


Project name:

Bristol Unitary Authority

Presented to:

Matthew Legg


Lovell Partnerships Ltd


Bristol Unitary Authority

Project name:

3 Merchant Square

Presented to:

The Merchant Square Team




3 Merchant Square

(Jersey) Ltd

This project, in Bristol, is a five-year internal refurbishment programme for occupied council residential units spread

throughout the city.

Working considerately in occupied homes requires excellent communication and a real dedication to the security and welfare

of the residents. This was demonstrated at the very highest levels by this site team, and confirmed by the volume of resident

feedback questionnaires declaring total satisfaction. A truly proactive resident contact programme was in place, highlighted

by various initiatives, including one member of staff learning sign language to improve communications. The cleanliness,

presentation and protection of each work area was exemplary.

The site was very active within the wider neighbourhood, engaging with local schools and undertaking goodwill gestures

and voluntary help for residents. Incentive schemes to encourage the workforce were found to be both highly popular and

successful in developing a strong team spirit.

This was an exceedingly well-managed project with real dedication to delivering the best considerate performance. In

addition to housing stock improvements, the way in which the work was carried out will greatly enhance the perception of

the construction industry in the minds of those involved.

Surrounded by close residential and commercial neighbours, this major site in Paddington, London, involved the construction

of two 19 and 20-storey residential tower blocks with retail units.

A notable innovation at this extensive site was the “back-to-work” employment scheme aimed specifically at the parents of

students from the local academy with which the site engaged. This highlighted the industry’s willingness to attract people

of all ages, including older members of the working population. Young people were similarly supported by a range of

opportunities including apprenticeships, placements and one virtual internship.

Environmentally-friendly practices were given a strong priority with exceptional achievements made in all areas, particularly

recycling. Noise and dust suppression were also maintained at exemplary levels. The constant monitoring of standards

together with the positive neighbourhood interaction delivered a top-performing site, clearly dedicated to improving the

image of the construction industry.