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May 2015

Issue 36

Gold Award winners

In this section you will find details of the 2015 Gold Award winning sites,

listed alphabetically by contractor name.

Project name:

Aldershot Project (Aldershot

Military Town)

Presented to:

Paul Camfield


Aspire Defence Capital Works


Project Allenby/Connaught

This scheme, spanning three main sites, involved the final stages of an eight-year refurbishment and new construction

programme within the Aldershot military base.

Presentation within the project was maintained to exceptionally high standards throughout, with a continual improvement

policy successfully demonstrated. As befits the sites’ locations within a military base, the levels of cleanliness and orderliness

were exemplary. Interaction with army personnel took many forms, from integrated team building days, to extensive practical

and material support for the Vine Centre – the army’s facility for injured military personnel.

Ex-soldiers were also invited for site work experience, resulting in some full-time employment with subcontractors, while

similar opportunities were extended to the local community. Sustainability was at the heart of the project throughout the

construction phases and steps were taken to help protect the area’s ecology.

Despite the restrictions of working in a high-security environment, this site returned an exceptionally considerate

performance which created a highly positive image of the industry.