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May 2015

Issue 36


Project name:

University of Brighton - Cockcroft

Presented to:

Lewis Hepburn


Willmott Dixon Interiors


University of Brighton

Project name:

Ysgol Gymunedol Ffwrnes

Presented to:

Project Team


WRW Construction Ltd


Carmarthenshire County Council

On a busy live area of the university campus, this on-going project involved a major refurbishment of an eight-storey building

including replacement of external windows.

In his report on the site, the Scheme Monitor said: “The only way to describe this project is outstanding”. Of particular note was

the positive commitment to local young people, including those who were disadvantaged or from difficult backgrounds. Over

20 carefully supported work experience opportunities and talks were given at local schools and regular meetings were held

with the university’s construction department, assisting students with their dissertations.

In addition to achieving a carbon-neutral status, the site extended its environmental commitment to its purchasing

procedures, in addition to donating waste and unused materials to a local charity. The highest standards of safety were

encouraged and promoted on site, along with an outstanding program for staff well-being and healthy lifestyles. All of these

elements contributed to delivering an exceptional all-round performance.

This greenfield project at Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, involved the construction of a newWelsh junior school in a residential area

close to another junior school and several sports clubs.

With the building itself achieving a BREEAM rating of “Outstanding”, this proactive site team embraced environmental

protection to the fullest degree. Many valuable initiatives were noted including the use of the school’s PV solar panels to help

power the site cabins and the reuse of rainwater in dust control and for watering the landscaping.

The commitment extended beyond the site itself to extensive engagement with the local school’s environmental studies

programme and participation in the Eco-council initiative.

Many examples of local support were observed, including refurbishment of the cricket club’s seating pavilion and renewal

of the rugby club’s parking area. A mature tree was removed after it had been felled during a severe storm, restoring safe

movement for nearby residents.

With labour sourced locally and permanent positions created, this site showed a similar commitment to the welfare of its

workforce. These combined efforts presented an extremely considerate site of great credit to the industry.