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May 2015

Issue 36


Only 1.10% of sites that completed

last year achieved the Gold Award.

In many cases, the examples of

best practice witnessed on these

sites have been seen before by

the Scheme’s Monitors but it is the

exceptional manner in which they

have been carried out which sets

them apart.

Gold Award winning sites had put

in place measures and initiatives

that push the boundaries of what’s

expected, and in turn, continually

raise the benchmark to which

others aspire.

The Scheme has collated examples

of best practice witnessed on

Gold Award winning sites to share

with the industry, so others can

learn about the types of activities

and innovations currently being


Sites should also use the Scheme’s

Best Practice Hub, an online

resource available to all, which

contains over 850 entries of best

practice to help improve site


It is important to reiterate that

these examples have been seen

on sites which are performing to

an extremely high standard in all

areas of the Scheme’s Code, and

that in order to achieve the Gold

Award, the site will have carried out

the following to standards of the

highest order.

Care about


Constructors should ensure sites

appear professional and well


• The site launched a campaign

aimed at creating pride in one’s

workplace, which included

recognition and reward for best


• An initiative to further improve

the appearance of site clothing

was introduced as part of its

‘What Does Good Look Like?’


• Awareness of corporate identity

and company values included

in staff induction and toolbox


• Disposable or ‘short use’ overalls

provided, displaying the

contractor’s branding.

• Even on this smaller project,

all those on site are required

to have work wear and PPE

that is branded in the name of

their employers or the main


• Facilities are provided on site to

wash and dry overalls and PPE

to keep them looking clean and


• A visual standards handbook is

discussed at induction covering

all aspects of appearance,

together with an outline of

company values with a ‘site

champion’ responsible for

seeing that standards are met.

• An initiative was launched for

operatives to nominate any

colleague doing outstanding

work in one of the company’s

core behavioural values.

• An external quality audit

was put in place to ensure

conformity with the highest

standards of presentation.

Gold award winning best practice

This year’s Gold Award winners have demonstrated considerate efforts of the

highest standard across registered sites the length and breadth of the UK.