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May 2015

Issue 36



Respect the


Constructors should give utmost

consideration to their impact on

neighbours and the public

• The pedestrian entrance to

the site included a ‘Welcome’

board with the names, photos

and roles of the management

team, together with community


• The site introduced an

‘interactive information point’

– a display screen set into

the hoarding enabling the

public to obtain views of the

development from all angles.

• ‘Front of house’ gatemen and

security guards are specially

selected to demonstrate good

first impressions as well as

courtesy and respect.

• The site team prepared a site-

specific CCS Action Plan, which

is reviewed and updated on a

monthly basis.

• Local recruitment was one of

the key objectives of the site

with an emphasis directed

towards young people.

• Community initiatives included

a commitment to local

employment with vacancies

advertised prominently in the


• A supplier engagement and

employment day was held to

provide opportunities for local

individuals and businesses.

• Feedback cards posted around

the site on the hoarding invited

comments from the passing

public. Each one returned

resulted in a 50p donation to a

local charity.

• Among the many community

initiatives was the active

participation in a programme

enabling local businesses to

tender for subcontract work.

• A community engagement

plan was drawn up to ensure

the site was seen as a valued

member of the community and

contributed positively.

• Apprenticeships, work

experience and off-site training

were vigorously pursued.

• Local small businesses of every

type were invited to advertise

in the canteen.

Protect the


Constructors should protect and

enhance the environment

• Commissioning methods were

researched and modified to

avoid waste in the flushing of

pipe systems.

• The local ‘park and ride’ was

designated as a pick-up point for

crew buses to take site personnel

to and from the site.

• The site organised a shuttle bus

link to enable site personnel to

use public transport.

• A sustainability awards scheme,

with observation cards, was

introduced to encourage new

ideas from the site in support of

the project’s environmental plan.

• On this smaller site only

rainwater or grey water is

available for boot and tool


• Environmental and sustainability

achievements are promoted

publically through stakeholders’

websites and implemented

via the procurement and

construction process.

• Raising awareness of

environmental issues included

talks on climate change with

operatives being encouraged to

commit to specific actions.

• Environmental improvement

was assigned to an on-site

champion who researched

areas of development for better