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The Scheme’s helpline number offers members of the public an opportunity to voice

queries or concerns and help constructors to effectively deal with them.



June 2015

Issue 37

Mediating between the

industry and the public

During January – May 2015, from

the 9644 registered sites, the team

received almost 800 calls of public

complaint, with the majority of

concerns being due to dirt and

dust, parking, vehicle movements

and working hours.

The Scheme’s 0800 number, clearly

displayed on all signage, is staffed

by experienced public liaison

officers who handle complaints and

offer a mediation service to resolve

any grievances.

An important part of the Scheme’s

remit is allowing the public an

opportunity to voice any queries

or concerns, and work with both

parties to help agree a resolution.

This is why it is a requirement for

all registered sites, companies

and suppliers to display Scheme

signage in order to comply with the

Code of Considerate Practice.