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June 2015

Issue 37



Dirt and dust complaint and


One such example involved a

resident who rang the Scheme to

say she had approached a site to

complain about excessive levels

of dust, but had received a very

unhelpful response.

The Scheme’s public liaison officer

immediately contacted the site

and outlined the issue with the site

manager. After a little while, the

public liaison officer contacted the

resident to check on progress and

found that she was delighted with

the response.

Not only had the site immediately

installed dust screening, but

they had covered the skips

and dampened down the dust

throughout the dry weather.

Working hours and parking

complaint and resolution

Another complaint was made by

a new resident who had been

assured that a nearby construction

site would only carry out ‘quiet’

operations at weekends. Despite

this pledge, she had been woken

twice at 8am by drilling and

banging noises.

The complainant was also

concerned about vehicles parking

on yellow lines outside her

property and telephoned the

Scheme for help.

The Scheme’s public liaison officer

outlined the complaint to the

site manager, who then got in

touch with the resident directly

and explained that the site had

permission to work between

the hours of 8am and 1pm on

Saturdays. However, he understood

how it would feel and said that in

future any noisy work would be

delayed until 9am.

He also assured the resident that

this would only be happening for a

few more weeks during the short-

term demolition process.

In respect to the parking matter,

the site manager explained that

none of the site operatives drive

into work, but he suspected the

vehicles belonged to people from

a nearby site. With this in mind,

he gave the neighbour his mobile

telephone number and asked her

to notify him if this occurred again,

promising to liaise with the other

site and help resolve the matter.

There is a comprehensive

complaints procedure to ensure

that all issues are given equal

priority. To read more about the

procedure, click



From January - May, the most

common causes of complaint





vehicle movements


working hours


dirt and dust

Statistics correct as of 1st June

Share your own examples of how

you have successfully dealt with

complaints and overcome issues on

the Hub by clicking



To assist sites, companies and

suppliers in avoiding three of the

most common public complaints -

dirt and dust, parking, and working

hours - the Scheme provides ‘cause

for complaint’ posters which are

free to download



Each poster contains suggestions

that can be implemented with little

effort which will help minimise

inconvenience to the public.

Best Practice Hub

The Scheme’s new Best Practice

Hub is also a valuable resource

to help deal effectively with

complaints; providing a range of

examples and suggestions which

can be implemented on any size

and type of site, company and


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