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The Considerate Constructors Scheme is delighted to support the Breathe Freely

campaign launched by BOHS (British Occupational Hygiene Society).



June 2015

Issue 37

A breath of fresh air for the

construction industry

The collaborative initiative,

led by BOHS in partnership

with key construction industry

organisations, provides life-saving

guidance, tools and resources

to help prevent workers from

contracting lung disease.

Launched at the end of April, the

lifesaving campaign aims to reduce

the predicted 3500 needless deaths

this year to workers exposed to

lethal asbestos fibres in the past.

It is also estimated that a further

500 workers will die as a result of

inhaling silica dust and a further

5500 will be diagnosed with

occupational cancer.

Forearmed is forewarned – and

the Breathe Freely initiative aims

to educate the whole industry

through its ‘HI Standard’ – which

employers can adopt to ensure

their working practices are as risk-

free as possible.

Spearheaded by BOHS, in

partnership with Constructing

Better Health, Land Securities,

Mace and the Health and Safety

Executive [HSE], Breathe Freely is

targeted specifically at managers

within the industry.

The aim is not just to raise

awareness of the problem but

also to inspire action by providing

practical solutions through the

sharing of best practice and

encouragement of effective

exposure control.

Key to the campaign is providing

the information, resources and

highlighting the relevant advice

and expertise.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive

of the Considerate Constructors

Scheme said: “Valuing the

construction industry workforce

by caring for their health and

wellbeing is firmly embedded in

the Scheme’s Code of Considerate

Practice, which is why we

wholeheartedly support the

Breathe Freely Campaign.

“We applaud BOHS for helping to

prevent the needless illnesses and

deaths to construction workers

whose daily work can put them

at high risk of contracting lung

disease from exposure to invisible


BOHS will also be participating in

this year’s ITIOC event, hosted by

the Scheme. For more information,

please see page 8.

Some of the most

common substances known

to cause occupational asthma

are used in or generated by everyday

construction tasks

isocyanates, solder and colophony fume, stainless steel

welding fumes, and wood dusts.


* ‘Occupational lungdisease in theUK- the facts’, July2014,

aBOHS reviewof theexistingevidenceaboutprevalenceand incidenceofoccupational lungdisease in theUK.


lung disease

and deaths in the

UK construction sector*

Exposures at work are a major cause of lung disease in the UK.

The risks from working in construction are greater

than for any other sector.


ControllingExposures toprevent

occupational lungdisease

in theconstruction industry

TheChartered Society for



Every year

12,000 deaths

129,000 total cases

13,000 new cases

29 new cases

per 100,000 workers


The occupational

respiratory diseases

Occupational cancers

of the respiratory system

causeofmore than

7,000 deaths a year

COPD (Chronic Obstructive

Pulmonary Disease)


4,000 deaths per year

16% of adult-onset

asthma cases



cancer deaths

are caused by

exposures in



is among the

top 5

industries for

deaths from


The UK construction sector has the largest number

of reported cases of occupational lung disease

of any industrial sector

Click here

to find out more

about Breathe Freely.