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The scripts to the Scheme’s four main films are now available to download from the

website to help non-English speaking operatives and the hard of hearing.

June 2015

Issue 37



The following films now have

scripts available:

• An introduction to the Scheme

• Affected by works

• A film for site managers

• A film for site operatives

The scripts have been published

to allow companies the option of

translating the text into a language

of their choosing.



to download the Scheme

films and accompanying scripts.

Films scripts available to


Love for the industry saves valuable

apprenticeship programme

The Scheme would like to

congratulate the


campaign in securing the future of

the Building Lives apprenticeship

programme - which helps

unemployed individuals in London

into construction careers.

The campaign was run by

Construction News, KPMG and

the Lighthouse Construction

Industry Charity, who raised a

formidable £400,000 in just 50 days

– securing Londoners through the

apprenticeship programme over

the next three months and beyond.

The construction industry has

recognised the importance of

keeping Building Lives afloat with

donations coming from far and

wide, including companies and

many individuals.

For more information about

Building Lives, click