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The Considerate Constructors Scheme praises long-term partner, The Berkeley

Group, for launching its £2m Innovation Fund to improve the safety of the industry.



June 2015

Issue 37

The Berkeley Group launches

£2m fund to improve safety

The Berkeley Group, which first

registered with the Scheme in

1999 and became an Associate

Member in 2004, is encouraging

individuals, inventors, companies

and universities to share their

bright ideas.

Grants of between £250 and

£250,000 will be made available

over the next two years to anyone

with innovations which lead to

safer working practices.

The fund supports the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate Practice which

actively encourages registered

sites, companies and suppliers to

‘secure everyone’s safety’ through

attaining the highest levels of

safety performance.

Scheme Chief Executive Edward

Hardy said: “The Berkeley

Innovation Fund is not only good

news for the industry as a whole

but for individuals and groups

whose bright ideas can become

tomorrow’s best practice.

“The Scheme’s aim is to improve

the image of the construction

industry and this can only be

achieved by encouraging and

celebrating innovative advances.

The Berkeley Group’s fund will be

doing just that

– and the Scheme

applauds this exciting initiative.”

The fund is one of 16 commitments

outlined in The Berkeley Group’s

company business plan, Our Vision,

specifically targeting innovation

in the area of Health and Safety.

The Innovation Fund focuses on

three key areas - improving the

working environment, developing

people and improving health and


Rob Perrins, Managing Director of

the Berkeley Group commented:

“The sheer volume of work

going on is testing the industry.

Companies and staff are running

flat out to gear up production and

tackle the housing crisis.”

“The industry is having to work

with less experienced people, in

multiple languages, with plant

and equipment in high demand.

That generates fresh hazards in a

business that is inherently risky.”