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June 2015

Issue 37



GiB’s licensing scheme is a new and

evolving journey, with land owners,

organisations and companies urged

to sign up woodland, sponsor

forestry projects or get involved in

tree planting or carbon balancing


Considerate Constructors Scheme

Chief Executive, Edward Hardy said:

“The Scheme is proud to support

Grown in Britain for its work in

promoting British-grown timber

products to the construction


“Not only will this help build a

more sustainable and eco-friendly

industry, but it will also breathe

new life into the UK’s woodlands.”

Over 60% of construction

companies surveyed by GiB said

they would be keen to add clauses

into their contracts encouraging its


Easily recognisable, the Grown

in Britain brand will be widely

promoted on licence holders’

products, packaging and company

stationary, featuring on anything

from logs to furniture, panel

products to sawn timber, and

charcoal to Christmas trees.

Given that it typically takes 50 to

100 years to produce UK timber

that can be used in construction,

constant funding is needed to

successfully manage woodland.

By insisting on home-grown timber,

contractors and their supply chains

provide the economic incentive

to attract new producers to invest,

providing this sustainable resource

for future generations.

Asked if there were any financial

benefits for construction

companies using GiB’s licensed

wood products, Mr Driver said: “We

all operate in a competitive market

place and British timber is well

placed to meet the needs of the

construction industry.

“The recent slide of the Euro against

the pound will have an impact

by tightening margins, however,

Grown in Britain licence holder BSW

timber reports that the GiB brand

has such value with clients that it

has prevented switching to imports

when exchange rates fluctuate

which is a fantastic endorsement of

the value added nature of Grown in


Fully recognising that the next

generation is the key to securing

the future of Britain’s woodlands,

Mr Driver said: “Grown in Britain

has also partnered with the Crown

Estate to bring the Forests for the

Future website which educates 10

- 12 year olds in the value of forests

and the wood they produce.”

GiB will also be participating in

this year’s ITIOC event, hosted by

the Scheme. For more information,

please see

page 8.

Buying timber which

is Grown in Britain

will provide another

way for contractors

to demonstrate they

are sourcing locally

and adding social

value through the

procurement of British


“Grown in Britain’s

licensing scheme fully

recognises existing

timber certification

schemes such as FSC

(Forest Stewardship

Council) and PEFC

(Programme for the

Endorsement of Forest

Certification), and also

meets the government’s

timber procurement

policy and its UK Forestry

Standard for managing


To find out more about

Grown in Britain click

here .

Dougal Driver

GiB’s Chief Executive Officer