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June 2015

Issue 37



2015 Checklist update

The Scheme has added two

additional questions to its Site,

Company and Supplier Registration

Monitors’ Checklists. These

questions are intended to measure

levels of school engagement – but

they will have no effect on scoring.

The two questions, added at

the end under the ‘Specific Data’

heading, are:

How many schools, colleges or

universities have been visited?

How many students have been

spoken to about the construction


They have been added to help

Monitors ascertain the levels

The Scheme’s Chairman Mike

Petter was quoted in the report’s

introduction where he highlighted

numerous examples of considerate

behaviours on sites, including

awareness, advice and guidance

on issues such as mental health,

healthy eating, numeracy and

literacy support.

The Scheme also appeared in a

special feature called ‘Building a

new image’ where Chief Executive

Edward Hardy outlines how the

construction industry has made

tremendous progress in improving

its image.

Construction was the hot topic in The Sunday Times special report ‘Future of

Construction’, published 14 June.

Hitting the headlines

The last 20 to 30 years

have seen a major

cultural shift in the

business. Healthy

lunches and shower

facilities have become

standard on sites. CCS

members are fantastic

employers who

genuinely care about the

welfare of their staff.

Edward Hardy

Chief Executive

of interaction registered sites,

companies and suppliers are

having with students of all ages,

- whether in schools, colleges,

universities, on site or at any events.

The answers to these additional

questions will have no effect on the

score in any way. They are purely

for statistical purposes only.

The Scheme is aware that a huge

amount of fantastic work goes

on with respect to educational

engagement but no information

is collected to quantify this in any

meaningful way.

This data will allow the Scheme to

gauge the scope of the activities

and begin to benchmark this

information across different sectors

and project values.

It was initially decided that

communicating this as a change

to the main Checklist could cause

confusion as these additional

questions are used solely for data

gathering by the Monitors.

The Scheme would like to reassure

all of its registered sites, companies

and suppliers that the questions

used for scoring have not changed

and will have no effect on your

overall score.

To read the entire feature, click the

image below.