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June 2015

Issue 37

What sites and companies are

saying about Scheme Monitors

The meeting with Monitor

Michael Shires

was both informative and helpful in every aspect. His approach

to construction matters and advice for future visits was excellent. He is a great asset to the Considerate

Constructors Scheme.

Every quarter the Scheme reviews the survey results from registered sites and companies

who have commented on the visit they have received by their Monitor.

When a registered site or company

receives their Monitor visit report,

contained within the email is a link

to take a quick survey to tell the

Scheme about the visit.

All feedback, both positive and

negative, is reviewed by the

Scheme and used to ensure it

continues to offer the highest levels

of service.

See below for some of the recent


Brian Maguire

displayed a genuine interest in the project and the efforts to which

the site management had gone to develop a relationship with the local community

during the construction stage. His knowledge of the issues involved were in depth

and he took the time to look at all that was presented to him as evidence of our

engagement in the spirit of the Scheme.

Richard Gilmour

was very friendly and approachable. I felt comfortable discussing all aspects of the site and

appreciated the constructive feedback in ways to further improve this and future sites.

Noel Johnston

showed a remarkably clear understanding of the problems we face as

a medium sized residential refurbishment contractor working primarily within Central

London. It was refreshing to discuss our problems, working practices and thought

processes in such a positive and affirming manner.

Discussions were informative and identified areas of development that the business

is keen to pursue. Overall an enjoyable productive meeting with

Philip Garland