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Registered sites can now buy the full range of Scheme products at any time during

their registration simply by logging onto

June 2015

Issue 37



Registered sites can now buy

products online, anytime!

Registered sites will need their

unique ID number in order to

complete any purchases which

can be found on the A1 Site

Registration poster or on any

correspondence from the Scheme.

It is important for registered sites

to display Scheme signage to

promote their registration to both

those working on the project and

the public.

Each site registered with the

Scheme has proactively chosen

to play their part in improving the

image of construction and sites

should be proud of making this

commitment and making it known.

The Scheme’s range of available

products include A1 and A3 sized

posters for both internal and

external display, eye-catching

banners, flags and flagpoles,

Construction Industry Helpline

wristbands and posters, Ivor

Goodsite signage and even

Scheme-branded umbrellas.

The Scheme’s newest products are

the superb range of Code in Action

posters which are also available

either individually or as a set.

Please see page 6 for further


This site is registered with

the Considerate Constructors Scheme

TheConsiderateConstructorsScheme isanon-profit-making, independentorganisation

setup toimprovethe imageofconstruction.TheSchemehasno legislativepowersbut

encouragesparticipatingconstruction sites toperformbeyond legal requirements.

Participation isvoluntaryand thosewho choose to registerwith theConsiderate

ConstructorsSchememustadhere to theCodeofConsideratePractice.ThisCode

isdesigned toencourage sites toworkwith thegreatest careand consideration for

theneighbourhoodandgeneralpublic, theworkforceand theenvironment.


Registered sites shoulddo all they can toreduce the impactof construction

activityon anyone affectedby theirwork and should aim to leave apositive

impressionon theirneighbours.


Companiesmanaging registered sites shoulddo all they can tobe a considerate

employer.They shouldprovide clean and appropriate facilities for all thosewho

work for them, and treat every employeewith respect.


Registered sites shoulddo all they can to reduce anynegative impact theymay

haveon the environment, and shouldwork in an environmentally-conscious and


Every registered site isvisitedbyoneof theScheme’sexperiencedMonitorswho

assesses itsperformanceand scores itagainst theCodeofConsideratePractice.

Thehighest standardsof considerateconstructionareencouragedand recognised

eachyear through theScheme’sNationalSiteAwards.

TheCodeofConsideratePracticeandmore informationabout theScheme

canbe foundbyvisiting .

Ifyouwould like to commenton

howconsiderate this site is,please call the site contactusing thedetailson this

poster.Alternatively,you can call theConsiderateConstructorsSchemeon the


Improving the image of construction

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The Construction Industry Helpline

provides support

and advice on a range of topics from






financial aid

in times of

hardship caused by accident, illness or bereavement.

Those working in the industry, as well

as their families, can contact the

Construction IndustryHelpline to access:


Emergency financial aid in times of

crisis following an illness, accident,

injury or bereavement that forces a

family into a state of poverty


Advice on occupational health and

wellbeing issues as an employee or

an employer


Support and advice for sufferers of

stress and addiction-related illnesses


Advice on matters ranging from

divorce to employment


Advice on specific tax-related issues

concerning employment within the

construction sector


Help to manage and reschedule debt


Help to understand the benefits

system and your entitlement,

especially if you are caring for others


Support on career changes, especially

after accident or injurypreventing you

from returning to your original job

Please call the Construction Industry

Helpline’s 24/7 confidential number or

visit the website if you would like help

and support.

0845 605 1956

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This site is registered with the Considerate Constructors Scheme

For more information call:

0800 783 1423


Improving the image



Improving the image

of construction


To purchase any additional

Scheme products:

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suppliers click