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June 2015

Issue 37



improving our performance

throughout the project. It’s a useful

framework and the whole team

feels a sense of achievement when

we have been independently

audited and received a good score.”

He added: “The Scheme’s Code of

Considerate Practice aligns well

with the BAM corporate values to

be reliable, trustworthy, considerate

and creative.

“The Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on…’

initiative also supports areas

that BAM is focusing on such as

mental health. It’s great that the

CCS gathers best practice from the

industry to make it easier to share

good ideas and generally improve

the image of construction.”

The requirements of the CCS are

reviewed by the team during the

course of the project and each

section is individually considered

against standard company practice,

to see how elements can be

improved still further.

David explained: “It’s important to

make initiatives project-specific to

be really innovative. For example,

our prime location at King’s Cross

was a fantastic opportunity to

improve the image of a site.”

Designed by Edward Gruning,

the German Gymnasium was the

first purpose-built gymnasium in

England and was influential in the

development of athletics in Britain.

It is situated in a busy location

between two major stations, King’s

Cross and St Pancras, and adjacent

to the main development of the

King’s Cross area by the client

Argent, so consideration was top of

the agenda.

David said: “With a huge footfall

between the stations right next to

our site, we worked with the client

to install an impressive monoflex

wrap around the building so we

could complete external works and

restore the roof, without putting

the public in danger.”

Recognising the impact of the

King’s Cross Central development

on the community, the BAM

team engaged with the local

neighbourhood beyond the

German Gym project.

“We have engaged with local

schools from Camden to show how

construction projects deal with the

impacts on the local community.

“The Scheme challenges the

participants to consider differing

elements of a project and how it

impacts the local communities and

the environment around it.

“By highlighting these areas and

auditing performance against

them, standards are created and

ongoing monitoring against these

standards allows those who wish

to, strive for improved performance

both in engaging the community

and minimising the impact while a

project takes place.” he added.

Outlining the simplicity of

registering with the Scheme,

David concluded: “Registering with

the Scheme is easy, the Code of

Considerate Practice focuses the

mind to ensure great results and

the project scores enable credits

If you would like to register

a site with the Scheme,




Registering with the

Scheme is easy, the

Code of Considerate

Practice focuses the

mind to ensure great

results and the project

scores enable credits in

assessment schemes to

be achieved.