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June 2015

Issue 37




“Our engineers and site supervisors

are regularly briefed on the

requirements of a considerate

construction site and we have

also introduced Scheme mentors

to help promote best practice on

our sites and maintain the highest


He added: “Our values help us

to achieve our goal to deliver

great customer service and high

standards in environment, health

and safety.

“These core values are mirrored in

the Scheme’s Code of Considerate

Practice, helping us to achieve our

ambition in the relentless pursuit to

be the best.”

Northern Gas Networks delivers

gas to 2.7 million homes and

businesses in the North East,

northern Cumbria and the majority

of Yorkshire.

As well as transporting the

gas through a vast network of

underground pipes, operatives

maintain the network and provide a

rapid response to gas emergencies.

The project was carried out by

KDC, which was appointed as the

principal contractor.

Praising the site after his visit,

Scheme Monitor Mike Hornsby

said: “The principles of considerate

construction are being effectively

applied in all areas of this project.

“Communication with the

neighbours is excellent – press

releases, letters and personal visits

are keeping everyone suitably

informed. Potential inconvenience

from traffic and noise is being

thoroughly addressed.

“The use of the company’s

own community artist is a

commendable initiative to involve

local school children in art and to

preserve the legacy of this, and

other site holders, in art form.”

Commenting on environmental

and safety issues, Mr Hornsby

said: “Disposing of 24 million litres

of polluted water, for example,

was a major task and has been

successfully accomplished to

Northumbrian Water’s satisfaction.

“Safety is paramount. Achievement

of the highest levels of safety

performance is being supported

by the rigorous inspection regime,

training, briefings and authorised


Commenting on the challenges

encountered on the project, Peter

said: “When working on the project

to dismantle a gas holder in Bishop

Auckland we took a number of

steps to minimise the impact on

local residents and businesses.

“This included clear communication

with customers and stakeholders

well in advance of the work

beginning on site, and using

local and social media to educate

members of the public about the

reason for the work.

“We also held a community

forum, a drop in event to give

customers the opportunity to ask

questions and find out more, and

our customer care officers made

personal visits and delivered letters

and leaflets to keep our customers

informed about the work.”

Community artist, Mick Hand,

visited a local school in the area

to educate children about safety,

helping pupils to produce banners

promoting safe behaviours.

Outlining the key benefits of

Scheme registration, Peter

commented: “The Scheme has

provided a framework that gives

us the rigour needed to ensure

that every engineering colleague

takes personal responsibility for

maintaining clean and tidy sites.

We have taken a

number of steps to

ensure all requirements

of the Scheme have

been incorporated

into our everyday