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June 2015

Issue 37



“The Considerate Constructors Scheme provides a benchmark for all organisations

within the sector to achieve. It provides a platform to strive towards continuous

improvement in all of our operations, a value that is embedded into our own

philosophy.”David Darsey, Erith’s Managing Director (Demolition)

Erith Contractors Ltd’s demolition

of two multi-storey office buildings

in central London has been

described as a “real credit to our

industry” by the Considerate

Constructors Scheme (CCS).

Bounded by highways on all

elevations, the site is surrounded

by office buildings and small

commercial premises, requiring

great sensitivity to neighbours

and the general public visiting this

bustling part of the Capital.

Erith Contractors rose to the many

challenges of construction in such

a built up environment and scored

highly in all areas of the Scheme’s

Code of Considerate Practice.

Grant Styles, Erith’s Operations

Director for London said: “Erith are

delighted to have been awarded

the CCS ‘Performance Beyond

Compliance’ certificate for this


“The organisation wholeheartedly

embraced the Scheme’s Code by

thinking outside the box. One of

the most successful and innovative

ideas was the introduction of what

we now call a Conduct Manager.

“This is an all-encompassing role,

giving the jobholder the tools to

engage fully with the workforce,

management and directors on

a one-to-one basis, changing

and challenging mindsets and


“It also gives us the ability to review

every aspect of the project from

aesthetics to welfare and safety (to

name but a few), and then to make

changes when appropriate and


He added: “This role is evolving

and our Conduct Manager now

regularly visits other sites with a

focus on spreading consistency and

good practice.”

Outlining how the Scheme

brings value to Erith, Grant said:

“Registration with the Scheme

has encouraged us to refocus our

company ethos concerning health

and safety, environmental best

practice, responsibility and welfare

of staff.

“Most important is our interaction

and direct responsibility towards

local communities and the public

image of our endeavours.”

Erith’s health and safety focus

was already firmly embedded in

its operations and supported by

strong core values, procedures,

behavioural safety systems

and ethos.

Grant stressed that being part of

the Scheme had inspired Erith to

strive for greater consistency and

continued improvement across all

projects. Automatic registration

of sites with the Scheme was now

standard procedure.

He said: “Healthy competition to

42 Shoe Lane