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across a cycle path and occurred

on one of the busiest main routes

through London. At the height of

demolition we were planning up to

80 waste vehicles per day, so knew

we had to get the traffic, cycle and

pedestrian management precise.

An initial consultation was needed

involving various authorities,

clients, neighbours and the police

before a plan could be formulated

and put into practice.

The traffic, cycle and pedestrian

management had to be constantly

monitored and fine-tuned, taking

on board suggestions from all

parties, including several from the

multitudes of daily commuters

using the segregated walkways.

The six traffic marshalls and

Security team were provided with

guidance and training on how

to engage with the public, while

any complaints, comments or

suggestions were immediately

reported to the site office via

observation cards.

Large eye-catching poster boards

were made up for pedestrians, one

featuring a traffic marshall’s image,

along with advice on where to

avoid crossing the road around the

site (see photo opposite).

After only a short period, optimum

performance was achieved with

praise and thanks given to the team

by management.

Cycle Safety

Erith is strongly committed to cycle

safety and we organised a ‘Cycle

Safe’ campaign across one morning.

Erith organised an ‘exchanging

places’ demonstration with one of

their HGV’s to show the vehicle’s


achieve high standards in individual

projects encourages teamwork, not

just for the individual project, but

across the organisation.

Commenting on the importance of

site appearance, Grant remarked:

“We believe that turning our

attention and focus to the outside

of the site hoarding is just as

important as the works that go on


“We have a responsibility and

commitment far and above our

project targets and we can only

achieve this when we engage

fully, honestly and wholeheartedly

with our client, local business and


He added: “We have close

engagement with local schools

and have already entertained

two school visits to our project,

including a site induction and

dialogue, followed by a lively

questions and answer session.

“My view is how would I feel if this

project was on my doorstep? How

would this project affect my life and

the life of my family or business?

What would I want to experience if

I lived / worked / travelled near my


Erith also addressed the challenges

associated with this type of project,

and Grant outlines some of those

encountered during the work and

how the Scheme is helping to

improve the image of the industry:-

Traffic Management

Traffic management was a major

challenge, with the fact that several

building sites in the vicinity were

already in operation, adding to the


Access and egress for our HGVs ran


June 2015

Issue 37