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June 2015

Issue 37



the house, beginning a lifelong love

of constructing.

“Growing up always being around

my brothers and finding myself

doing DIY around the house started

my journey into the construction

industry,” she said.

Amber was introduced to her job

role by Project Manager, Ranjit

Samra of Women into Construction,

an organisation set up to redress

the gender balance in the

construction industry.

Amber then completed a two-

week training course, gaining

qualifications in traffic marshalling,

first aid, CSCS NVQ and the IPAF

(International Powered Access


Commenting on the challenges

as a female in the industry she

said: “Being a young person in

the construction industry is hard,

especially as a woman. You are

always constantly trying to show

everyone we are all equal, working

hard and going the extra mile, just

as men do.

“My advice to other women would

be that whatever trade you do – as

long as you love doing it and have a

passion for it – you will always strive

to be the best you can be.”

Looking to the future Amber would

like to continue on her current

career path as she enjoys helping to

keep people safe.

She said: “I see myself being an

onsite manager for health and

safety – who knows I may climb

higher up that ladder!”

Less exposed to the elements at

the Vauxhall Sky Gardens project

is Doina Cusnir, 32, who currently

works as a welfare/office cleaning

operative but has sky-high

ambitions as a crane driver.

She said: “My main aspiration is to

become a crane driver and I will

be undertaking a training course

for this. I do enjoy my current role

though. Being on site is quite

exciting for me.

“I enjoy looking after the welfare

of the staff and luckily there are

no negatives to the job. Being

involved in the project helps me

gain a better understanding of the

environment I am working in.

“I’ve always seen myself as a part

of the construction industry. I was

informed about different work

opportunities at The Vauxhall Sky

Gardens and applied for this job.”

Doina, who lives in Chelsea, has

gained training in crane risks,

health and safety and first aid.

She said she would definitely

recommend other women to seek

out careers in the construction


“People are quite surprised when

I tell them what I do. The main

qualities required for my job is

having a smile on my face all the


*CITB Construction Skills’ ‘Women into Construction Project’

I would definitely

recommend other

women to go into the

construction industry

because it is a nice

feeling to tell someone

I was part of this

building project.

Operative Doina Cusnir