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June 2015

Issue 37


Health and safety is a dominant theme across a

number of our features in this issue.

The response to the most recent

‘Spotlight on...’ which investigated

mental health has been fantastic.

A survey we conducted on how

mental health is being addressed

by the industry suggests there

is still much to do if we want to

eradicate the stigma associated

with mental health. Thank you to

those who shared their experiences

with us, we received a number

of very personal and moving


The Scheme is supporting the

Breathe Freely campaign launched

by BOHS (the British Occupational

Hygiene Society). This collaborative

initiative, led by BOHS in

partnership with key construction

industry organisations, provides

life-saving guidance, tools and

resources to help prevent workers

from contracting lung disease.

Continuing on the theme of safety,

I am thrilled that a host of our

registered sites, companies and

suppliers gave their wholehearted

support to the recent Child Safety

Week initiative. This annual safety

drive, organised by the Child

Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT),

never fails to garner support from

those registered with us - all keen

to help raise awareness about

childhood accidents and how to

prevent them.

Moving back to the safety of

the workforce, the Scheme has

welcomed a recent funding

initiative by its long-term partner,

The Berkeley Group, who is

rewarding innovative ideas to

increase site safety. The Berkeley

Group’s £2m Innovation Fund was

launched to improve the safety

of the industry by encouraging

individuals, inventors, companies

and universities to share their

bright ideas.

As always, you’ll also find the latest

Scheme news, information and a

number of case studies.

On behalf of the Scheme, may I

wish you all a safe and enjoyable



Mike Petter